Financial Planning

Simple Financial Planning

July 3, 2017 Dean Myerow 0

Many people approach me about personal finance. I often hear them say things like “I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. No matter what I do I can not catch up.” Or, in not so […]

Reduce Spending Dean Myerow
Money Management

Tips to Reduce Spending

June 1, 2017 Dean Myerow 0

Saving money is one of the most common goals people set for themselves. Not everyone follows through with it. Taking a portion of your income and moving it into a savings account is effective. It […]

Dean Myerow Budget Calculator
Money Management

Managing a Budget

April 28, 2017 Dean Myerow 1

Managing a Budget Budget management is at the core of maintaining stable and lasting financial security. Failure to track spending and monitor monthly expenses is a common reason individuals find themselves in debt. Taking the […]

Dean Myerow

Welcome to Dean Myerow Finance

April 26, 2017 Dean Myerow 0

Welcome to Dean Myerow Finance Hello, and thank you for visiting! My name, of course, is Dean Myerow. I am a municipal bond market asset manager at Las Olas Wealth Management of NatAlliance Securities. […]