5 Tips For Tax Season

Five Tips for Tax Season

January 30, 2018 Dean Myerow 0

The New Year is official upon us. With every new year comes tax season. Depending on who you are you’re currently dreading the monotony of it all or fearful of what’s to come.   I’m […]

Building Credit With Credit Cards

Building Credit With Credit Cards

October 4, 2017 Dean Myerow 0

So you’ve been approved for a new, or perhaps your first credit card. Congratulations. Since you’ve been approved you may have noticed that having credit is not the same as having “good credit”. You may […]

Financial Planning

Simple Financial Planning

July 3, 2017 Dean Myerow 0

Many people approach me about personal finance. I often hear them say things like “I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. No matter what I do I can not catch up.” Or, in not so […]

Reduce Spending Dean Myerow
Money Management

Tips to Reduce Spending

June 1, 2017 Dean Myerow 0

Saving money is one of the most common goals people set for themselves. Not everyone follows through with it. Taking a portion of your income and moving it into a savings account is effective. It […]

Student Loans

Controlling Student Loan Payments

May 30, 2017 Dean Myerow 0

Student loan debt has become an epidemic of sorts. These loans can be hefty and ultimately stressful. Many young people in America are scared to even make a monthly payment on their student loans. It […]

Dean Myerow Credit Score

What Makes a Credit Score?

May 29, 2017 Dean Myerow 0

Anatomy of a Credit Score Most Americans are denied the education necessary to understand their credit score. The term “credit score” itself is thrown around in television advertisements as though its definition is common knowledge. […]

Credit Card Terms Dean Myerow

Understanding Credit Card Terms

May 28, 2017 Dean Myerow 1

Know the Terms It’s not often that consumers bother to read the entirety of the fine print when applying for a credit card. At Dean Myerow Finance we are committed to making sense of creditors’ […]

Pre-Approved Credit Offers

“Pre-Approved” Credit Offers

May 20, 2017 Dean Myerow 0

Why Am I Getting These Offers? Once you have begun to establish credit you may notice a barrage of “pre-approved” credit card offers flooding your mailbox. Once your name is out there “in the system” […]

Get Out of Debt

“Get Out of Debt” Programs

May 16, 2017 Dean Myerow 1

The American Way Millions of Americans struggle with debt nowadays. It’s no wonder. Everywhere we look we are bombarded with offers to have the things we want even though we can not afford them. It […]